Aim Study MBBS with Cheap Fees

The place is best for studying MBBS abroad in low cost?

Pursuing your MBBS dream abroad might come to an abrupt stop if you do not have the funds to cover your college fees. Though one gains immense exposure and knowledge when studying abroad, it is important to be able to afford it in the first place.

If you are looking for some of the best affordable study abroad destinations for your MBBS course, then we suggest some great places for you to choose from!

In my opening directly go to MCI and ask for last 5 years FMGE (MCI Screening test passing percentage).

Which is matter most At the end of your medical study any how you have to clear your FMGE to practice in India know more Click Here

MBBS Study Abroad such as China, Russia, Georgia, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan dont have any good passing record from last seven years except Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Medical Study System closely followed from Indian MCI Curriculum same Indian author Books you have to study. Same 5 years MBBS Course like India or Nepal

Most important about Medical Study in Bangladesh College Fees + Travel Cost+ Food bill+Hostel Rent+pocket money for entire 5 years much cheaper than any other so called developed countries. [No insurance, no hidden charges, No VISA Renewal cost in Bangladesh during 5 years stay Student VISA]

You have to decide which country to want to opt MBBS Degree.

To be very frank “MBBS in Bangladesh” may be not sounds good compare to “MBBS in Philippines” or “MBBS in Russia” hard reality you face after completing medical degree fight to clear FMGE MCI Screening Test.


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